The Tiny House Roof Apex/Skylight Shade

The steel for the top of the roof arrived the other day, so I could get to work on finishing the exterior of the build, the apex is going to be modula, so that it can be broken up and fitted in sections, this allowed me to hot dip galvanise them as the vat is small.

This also means the finish will be the same as the t-washed corregated steel and the steel windows.

I've welded up the main structure, but spent a morning making up different slats and tryng out different setups, I've settled with 6 slats per pannel, with the slats being 60mm wide with a bend of 20 degrees to give it strength. A forge down the road is cutting and bending them for me now, I've also got them making the feet of the apex, that will enable me to fix it to the roof.

With the slatts I'm trying to maximise year round daylight (indirect sunlight) but ruduce summertime midday sunlight, which would turn the place into a greenhouse.

The next job is to weld on the slatts, and drill the bolt holes and some dranage holes for the galvanising, then send it off to be galvanised along with the two window frames.

IMG_0723 - Copy_edited.JPG

IMG_0735 - Copy_edited.JPG

IMG_0717 - Copy_edited.JPG

IMG_0724 - Copy_edited.JPG

IMG_0726 - Copy_edited.JPG

IMG_0729 - Copy_edited.JPG

IMG_0731 - Copy_edited.JPG

IMG_0732 - Copy_edited.JPG

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