Tiny House exterior almost finished!

The windows and louve roof apex's were galvanised last weekend, and I fitted the last two windows on wednesday, finally its starting to look how I imagined! althought until the top of the roof is on its going to remain a little squat, all I have to do is finish the external cover on the skylights then I can get on with hauling them up there.

Another important thing that I've finished, are the corner flashings, which although fiddly brings it together, they have a funny corner on them to add some interesting lines that match the windows.

I've also T-washed the whole building, its dulled the metal but will take a few weeks to settle into itself.

As for future jobs I'm concentrating on first fix plumbing and electrics, I'm getting help with both but hope to do the plumbing myself as its going to be quite a simple system.






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