Woodland Shepherds Hut

Here are some photos of a hut I designed for an ancient woodland in Suffolk.

Jane wanted the hut to look like it had been in the wood for a long time so we decided to use rusty corregated iron as a cladding, the roof is new corregated that I distressed with T-wash and Bitumen Paint.

The windows are old crittal windows, with the glass repaced with thin double glassed units, and a distressed galvanised steel surround.

Jane fell in love with this door at a reclamation yard, all we've done with it is paint on some preservative.

The interiour still needs to be painted and the floor cleaned up alittle.

We decided on a large potbelly stove, and used more distressed corregated iron for the heat shield.

Jane checking up on progress.

Sam and I.

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