Finished the cabin

So I've finished the cabin, just waiting on the plumber to connect up the boiler and its done! here are some photos of the finished article.

I used dads old tractor to move it, we're waiting for the ground to dry before getting it in the field.

This is the zinc shower cubicle I've been so excited about, the patterner is just an alcaline solution, giving it a similar look to the exterior.

I love the way it looks at night, especially the slatted roof.

The pocket door worked in the end, and gives a nice block of colour.

The trickest bit but the most important was the skylight, it gives loads of light and a sence of height that is often lacking in smaller builds.

This is the exterior without the wheels on, once its in position, you can lower it to the ground fully.

The kitchenette is seperated from the bedroom, and has 2 hobs, fridge frezzer and sink. I also installed the zinc side and splash panles.

Outside the front door, we caste the pumpkin in lead a few years back and it fits nicely with the colours.

I wanted to leave the room quite bare, to allow people to imagine how they could use the space

Simple things

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